Stage Rental - Phoenix, Arizona

Stage Rental in Phoenix Arizona, for weddings, parties, and corporate events.

Multiple Stage Sizes

Are you looking for a rental stage in Phoenix, Arizona? We have the perfect solution for you! Our stages come in various sizes, ranging from 4'x4' to larger sizes. With our wedding lighting and uplighting services, we can help turn your wedding or special event into an unforgettable experience.

Easy Setup & Install

In Phoenix, stage rental doesn't have to be complicated. Our stage rental services offer easy installation and quick setup times. Plus, we can even

Flexible Rentals

Plus, we can even help you determine which stage is best for your needs. Whether you need a stage for a day or weekend, we're here to help. Give us a call.

stage rental phoenix arizona

Stage Rental Prices & Packages

Are you in need of stage rental services in Phoenix? Arizona Portable Stages & Packages has the perfect stage for any event or occasion.

We offer stage packages for rental by the day or hour, with a set up and delivery fee included. Most stage rentals take less than an hour to set up. We also offer PA speaker packages and stage light rentals that pair nicely with any stage rental package. Let us know which stage rental option works best for you and we’ll make sure it is ready when you need it! Contact us today to book your stage rental in Phoenix.

Small Portable Stage Rentals

Smaller stage sizes include:

  1. 4ft wide by 4ft deep (single person) $200
  2. 8 ft wide by 8 ft deep (1-2 people, small speech) $300
  3. 16 ft wide by 8 ft deep (3-6 people, panels) $600

Stage stairs: $50/each

Medium Stage Rental

  1. 20 ft wide by 12 deep – $750
  2. 24 ft wide by 12 deep – $1750

Stage stairs: $50/each

Note: Medium stage rental sizes can be best for panels of people, bands, award ceremonies, graduations, or more. Contact us with more information if you are looking for something specific.


stage rental phoenix arizona
stage rental phoenix arizona
stage rental phoenix arizona

Large Festival & Concert Stages (Outdoor Stage Rental)

Call us to talk more about large festival or portable stages (like the SL100). Large sizes include 20ft x 30ft or bigger.

Choir & Stage Risers

Our stages make great choir risers for your next show! You can easily have a small to medium sized choir elevated for your next performance. Groups and choirs love our stages & risers for their performances. Rent a choir riser. In addition to stage rentals, we also specialize in choir and stage risers. Our stage risers are perfect for events such as conferences, festivals, and concerts. They come in various sizes and heights depending on the size of your stage. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that your stage is safe and secure. With our stage risers, you won’t have to worry about anyone falling off of the stage during your event or performance! Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of extra room for sound equipment or additional people on stage. So if you’re looking for a reliable stage riser rental service in Phoenix, look no further

FAQs - Stage Rental

Here is what we help to explain for stage rentals in Phoenix, Arizona.

A stage rental cost can range from $300-$3000. Factors include delivery, set up, skirt, stairs and more.

When looking for stage rental in Phoenix, AZ, it’s important to consider how big the stage should be. In order to ensure that the stage reflects the correct proportion of your venue, the stage typically should be roughly one third of the total width or 40-50 ft wide. This ensures that there is enough space on stage for all performers and any stage sets you might wish to incorporate into your event. To account for any extra space needed due to a large stage set or more performers on stage at once, some additional room can be taken up as necessary. When renting a stage in Phoenix, considering these factors will help ensure that you get the right size stage for your needs.

We typically charge in stage sizes. Each deck is 4’x8′ or 4’x4′

Depending on the number of people and the height of the room, we recommend stages to start at 12″ to 16″ and go up to 54″.

Ready to book your Arizona Stage Rentals?

Are you looking for stage rental services in Phoenix, Arizona? Look no further! 

Our Arizona stage rental options are perfect for any event, as we have a variety of stage sizes to choose from. We can cover any stage size from small to large with our setup and tear down services available. Whether it’s an outdoor stage, or indoor stage for live performances, we have the perfect space for your next event. Call us for immediate service.

Arizona Stage Rental – Phoenix Scottsdale Stage Rentals


If you’re looking for stage rentals near Arizona, the Phoenix stage rental has you covered. Whether you need a stage for a small event or large function, we’ve got a stage for it! We make sure that our stage is in good condition and that it accurately reflects the scene of your event. Additionally, our stage rental prices are competitive and ultimately depend on how long you need the stage. No matter your stage rental needs, Phoenix stage rental has you taken care of!


What could possibly make your special event even more unforgettable? Renting a stage in Arizona! For the last 20 years, Phoenix stage rental has had customers thrilled by their affordable and reliable stage rentals that are suitable for any type of event. Whether you need a stage near me or somewhere else in Arizona, you can be sure to find something perfect just a few clicks away. With the most cost-effective solutions available on the market, rest assured that your stage rental experience with Phoenix stage rental will be satisfying and worry free from start to finish.


Small Stage Rental


Planning a small event can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to selecting the stage. Renting small stages has never been easier with small stage rental services in Arizona. If you’re looking for small stage rentals “near me”, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can expect to pay a reasonable cost for small stage rentals that will fit your event’s needs and make it extra special! Whether you’re needing to host an outdoor or indoor event, small stage rentals can accommodate whatever you’re planning!


Small Stage Prices


If you’re looking for a small stage rental in Arizona, you’ve come to the right place. Perfect for any event – from small music festivals, to corporate functions and weddings – small stages are a great way to give your special occasion that extra something. Whether showing off a band or speakers, small stages make things look professional while taking up minimal space. There’s no need to worry about cost either; small stages can be rented at very reasonable prices near you! All your event needs are right here.

Mobile Stage Rental

If you’re looking for mobile stage rental in Arizona, then you’ve come to the right place! Offering high quality mobile stages at an affordable cost, we’ve been helping customers make their events spectacular. Whether you’re in Phoenix or any other city near you, mobile stage rental is just a quick and easy call away. Our mobile stages give your event the professional and reliable touch it deserves. Plus, everything is designed to meet and exceed safety standards so you can be confident that your big occasion will be unforgettable. With mobile stage rental from us, your event will stand out from the crowd today!


Mobile Stage Rental – Phoenix Scottsdale


If you’re looking to make an event in Arizona truly special, mobile stage rental is an amazing option. Whether you’re putting on a show at a large festival, or holding a small gathering in Phoenix, mobile stages make your event even more memorable and enjoyable. With mobile stage rentals available across Arizona, finding the right one nearby is easy. Plus, mobile stages can often fit any budget – inquire about mobile stage rental cost to best understand how it works for you. Get ready for an incredible experience with mobile stage rentals near you!