Low Lying Ground Fog Machine Rental - Phoenix, Arizona

Low Lying Ground Fog Machine Rental in Phoenix Arizona, for weddings and corporate events. Create the Dancing on the clouds effect.


A ground fog machine rental is the perfect way to add a breath-taking visual effect to your event. This ground fog machine is rare and unique, creating an impressive low-lying fog effect.


Since this machine is new, you will surprise your guests with an effect they've never seen before. Your Low Lying Fog Machine is super unique to your event.


Create a magical cloud effect for your wedding first dance or special entrance (grand entrance).

low lying fog machine wedding rental

Low Lying Ground Fog Rental Phoenix, Arizona

Our low-lying ground fog machine rental is the perfect way to create an impressive visual effect that will leave your guests in awe. This ground fog machine is a rare and unique piece of equipment, creating a low-lying fog effect like nothing they have ever seen before. Plus, it’s easy to set up as we can get it ready in just a few minutes – you won’t have to wait long to see its mesmerizing effects! With our ground fog machine rental, you will be able to bring your event or celebration to life with a dazzling display that is sure to impress. Try out this ground fog machine today and make your occasion unforgettable.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best wedding lighting experience possible, so contact us today to find out more about our wedding lighting rental services in Phoenix, Arizona! Let us help make your wedding day one that you’ll never forget.

FAQs - Low Lying Fog Machine Rental

dHere is what we help to explain for dry ice machine rentals in Phoenix, Arizona.

With the proper use, we can get 5-7 minutes of use. Perfect for your first dance!

We generally price the effect at $500. 

We love to recommend the cold sparkler effect for your wedding! You can also set up on a stage for a unique effect.

We do NOT use fog fluid. We use dry ice!

  1. Low to the ground
  2. The effect is denser than air so it lies on the ground
  3. Use a mixture of dry ice and water.
  4. Use our Nimbus low-lying fog machine rental for your wedding!
low lying fog machine wedding rental
low lying fog machine wedding rental
low lying fog machine wedding rental

If you are in Phoenix, Arizona or the surrounding areas, you can rent our ground fog machine. We will even set up your event’s cloud machine with any rental. Check out our other rentals to see how we can add this effect with others. Save when you combine rentals.

Weddings, stages, and other events look amazing with this special effect. Call us today to learn more.

Ready to book your Fog Machine Rental?

The “Dancing on the clouds effect” is a popular wedding and special dance machine. Our rental includes set up and tear down, if you need us to operate. This effect creates a whimsical and breathtaking sight in photos and video. Did you know? This machine uses a dry-ice base to create the fog! So, there is no mess and you can easily see the low lying fog effect. Also, we supply an operator if you need someone to run the machine.